Those who use the most idiomatic expressions are most often the ones who say the fewest original things.

Byron and Pratap started talking at the same time.

The company said that it will fully participate in any and all investigations regarding the matter.

If he wants to succeed at all, he must work harder.


I'm pleased with the results.

You're going about it in the wrong way.

The radio died.

Wages and salary are pay received at regular times.

Miriam is completely unreliable.

He took advantage of the good weather to do some gardening.

Many companies advertise their products on TV.

She tends to forget her promises.

He was wild with anger.

Metin will never make it.

They fought back.


You can come and get it today.


She was hit by a car.

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I made a mistake!

It looks like Presley hasn't slept much either.

Bryce waited patiently for three hours, then left.

They were going to kill you.

Star-watching is good for your eyes.

I can tell you the reason at full length.

Brodie taught all his classes today, even though he had a terrible headache.

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What is the distance between New York and London?


His affection towards me has decreased.


Trey is a planner.

Hamilton is a potential babysitter.

I was very glad that she took my side.

Language is the dress of thought.

I get along well with Olof.

Florian was a little surprised by how well Ian could swim.

His new book received accolades from the magazines.

I'm sorry I missed your party last Friday.

I'd like a sandwich.

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He was not anxious for fame.

I didn't do what you think I did.

Are you saying that you don't remember?

We've taken a long hard look at your sales-directed communication and decided to buy some of the weed that you smoke.

His death was made known to the public.

I won't stop doing it!

What was the most memorable day of your life?

I've forgotten my email address.

I went ahead on the road.


Roman Emperor Caligula had a horse called Incitatus which means fast.


This sushi restaurant has a conveyor belt that carries sushi.

You'll probably see me again.

We finally did it.

The girl went into the forest to look for mushrooms.

Shouldn't be much longer and the anesthesia will wear off.

How can I trust her?

I was worried for her safety.

How many people attended the meeting?

You were sleeping, weren't you?


Sooner or later, I'll have to stop doing this.

Is it large enough?

I got there early and was able to get a seat in front.

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He went instead of his dad.


It's very hot in here.

Please tell me what will be coming next week.

He uses a pencil with a fine point.


Everett wants to do everything himself.

Suyog has everything a man could want.

Gas is an important natural resource.

Swipe either left or right to see another animal.

The car bumper absorbed some of the impact.


Ti seems to know the truth.

Sometimes it's better to remain silent.

I only buy super soft toilet paper.

I see a crown.

I asked my mother what to bring there.

I don't like beets.

Sooner begun, sooner done.


I've never worked with her.


The information you gave me is of little use.

Were you cooperative?

After Lea and Dominic read a few verses from their religious text, they remained noncommittal, but when Jimmy happened to mention that he had learned a lot from his grandparents about their early life, the missionaries could scarcely contain their excitement.

Knute wasn't the only one who got up early this morning.

The old chair groaned under her weight.

I know how you felt about me.

It took me several hours to clean it.

Allow me to introduce Mayuko to you.

I was Dion's secretary.

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It is not so.

From year to year, pollution is worsening.

"Advise and Consent" is a book about the US Senate.

She looks young, but in reality she's over 40.

I was gone for three hours.

Can you give me something to kill the pain?

Steel output set a record for two consecutive years.

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Alberto wants to pay back the money he owes.

Just bring me the ink, will you?

The attempt ended in failure.

Spudboy ran his fingers through Ricky's hair.

Does Johan think Real did it?

I know that times are tough.

Bradford wants to wait until Sangho gets here.


Philip withdrew some money from the bank.

She was stunningly beautiful.

This applies to many people.

I don't agree with you on this point.

I wished him a good journey.

Try to keep your eyes open.

I aim to be a writer.

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Cats are related to tigers.

She still hasn't gotten used to cell phones.

Please ask Carlo to leave.

Morgan is a good-looking young man.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger visit Austria?


Claudia knew why Jacques wanted to go to Boston.


Does Oliver know what the problem is?

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I never thought I'd say that.

Say it again.

We are very well known.

A noun can be singular or plural.

Look Mummy, I can read!

I am getting off at the next station.

We're still planning to go.


Either be as you seem or seem as you are.

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Please show me your injured arm.

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I'll ride with Nicholas.

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I was tired of the work.

He got a lot of money.

Have you ever been run over?

She bore him four children.

May I give you some advice?

I still have vivid memories of the explosion of the space shuttle.

Do you have any other secrets I should know about?


Karen likes to shop at Forever 21.

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I hope Oleg won't be too disappointed.

I just assumed that it wasn't ready yet.

I do not eat meat, fish, shellfish, poultry or broth.


Ole ordered a burger and fries.

According to TV news, there was a plane crash in India.

We always walk by the post office on the way to work.

We may find it necessary to leave early.

That shouldn't be hard.

Nobody knows about the plan.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island.

He publishes books in Italy.

His mother was standing in the doorway.

There must be some solution to the problem.

Herman has a good ear for music.


Pratap noticed Jacques was looking at John.

What do you want to do first?

The boy has come home.

Steve told Nichael that she shouldn't include her phone number in her profile.

This watch needs to be repaired. It gains 20 minutes a day.


I didn't want to split up with Ralph.

We sell sugar by the pound.

I could see you marrying her.

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His new movie is disappointing.

Shadow still has the knapsack his father gave him.

Liyuan could've figured that out without any help.


Today, I'm busy getting ready for my trip.

Let's play dodge ball.

She set the table for supper.

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Cole used to do that better than he does now.

I advise you to stay away from Philippe.

Get off the lawn!

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The moon moves around the earth.

We can still do that.

Feminine logic is not always logical.